Berlin, 29th January 2020

German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, Berlin

“Dear Mr Batkowski,
thank you very much for the support provided by your interpreters over the past two days. All three of them were very well prepared and did an excellent job!”

Berlin, 11th December 2017

T-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL GMBH - Satellic Telematic Services

"Dear Mr. Batkowski, your delivery of the translation today was very well received by our ‘native speakers’, I would not want to withhold their assessment from you:

This is really very high quality -

And by the way, you were also very fast.“

Potsdam, dated 26th June 2013

Brandenburg Parliament, Potsdam

"The Public Relations Department of the Brandenburg Parliament has been commissioning Allgemeiner Dolmetscher- und Konferenzdienst GmbH Berlin (ADK) with translating tests from German into Polish and vice versa sine 2009. For instance, ADK prepared the new translation of Brandenburg's Constitution into Polish.

There was no reason for criticism of the translations. The deadlines were always observed reliably. Short-term assignments were also accepted and performed at the best quality. The cooperation with ADK has always been to our utmost satisfaction."

Göttingen, dated 10th July 2012

Refratechnik Cement GmbH

"Dear Mr. Hamann,
the REFRA-Colloquium 2012 was once again a resounding success.

The most important part of this successful conference, which was attended by nearly 800 guests from all over the world, was made up of altogether 20 technical presentations by guest speakers and staff members of the Refratechnik Group. These presentations were perfectly interpreted simultaneously by your professional interpreters ... in the conference languages of German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese... .

We would like to thank you once again for the excellent performance of your simultaneous interpreters. We look forward to using your interpreting services again, which we have been happy to utilise since our first REFRA Colloquium in Berlin in the year 1997 and the following colloquia. We are able to recommend your sevices unreservedly."

Cologne, dated 13th July 2011

Pfeifer & Langen KG

"Pfeifer & Langen Kommanditgesellschaft has been availing of the interpreting and translating services of ADK GmbH since the foundation of our European Works Council in 2008. The ADK team has been accompanying us at the annual meetings in Berlin ever since, by providing simultaneous interpreting in meanwhile four languages. The interpreting team is characterised by a high degree of expertise and friendliness as well as the motivation to perform. They have proficient specialist knowledge in the area of operational processes and structures. Furthermore, the ADK team is available for the translation of texts, documents and general correspondence in an uncomplicated, swift and qualified manner. Our concerns and requests were always met competently and promptly.

We look forward to a constructive and trusting cooperation also in future."

Dresden, dated 17th August 1999


"quo;ADK Berlin provided the interpreting services within the framework of the Third International Mock Trials in Dresden, dated 21st to 24th June 1999. ... Apart from offering the interpreting services, the company also took over the coordination during the preparation of the event. ADK Berlin proved to be an especially reliable provider of interpreting services. The interpreters were selected carefully and met all the demands posed on them fully. Besides mastering the demanding professional legal terminology, the interpreters were able to work speedily and securely. Also during the preparation of the event, ADK Berlin proved to be a professionally working partner."

Bonn, dated 28th January 1998

SPD Fraction of the Deutsche Bundestag Foreign Policy Working Group

"... we would like to thank you for your work at our conference "quo;What are we doing for the relations with America? The Euro-Atlantic relationship, foundation of our foreign policy" at the Willy-Brandt-Haus in Berlin on 19th January 1998. What we were especially happy about was that apart from your very friendly conduct, you were prepared to contribute actively also outside your immediate tasks ... Your conducive behaviour made our work easier and above all more pleasant."

Copenhagen, dated 29th January 1996


"... Regarding our conference in Warsaw the 18th of January, I just want to tell you that we were very satisfied with your interpreters."

Berlin, dated 8th July 1995

HUMBOLDT-UNIVERSITÄT ZU BERLIN Agricultural and Landscaping Faculty Berlin

"... you provided conference interpreters for the 4th International Symposium on Urban Climate – Large Construction Space Naturation, which was held in Cottbus on 30-31 May 1995.?We do not wish to miss this opportunity to say that the two ladies made a major contribution to the success of this international event through their good preparation and professional work. We would be happy to continue our cooperation at any given time."

Köln, den 02. Mai 1995

Association of Polish Service Providing Companies in the Federal Republic of Germany, Cologne

"... we would like to thank you sincerely for the excellent services in looking after our conference in Berlin on 27th April 1995. Undoubtedly, the excellent simultaneous translation and the provision of modern interpreting equipment contributed to the success of this conference."

Berlin, dated 21st April 1994

STIFTUNG WARENTEST International Secretariat Berlin

"... with this letter, we would like to thank you and your team for the excellent services provided during our 2nd Berlin Seminar on Comparative Product Testing in Europe. ... Your equipe of simultaneous interpreters contributed to the success of the event with their continuous appropriate and stylistically demanding rendering of the presentations and contributions to the discussions in English, French and Russian.

We would like to wish you and your staff members of the still "young" ADK GmbH a lot of success for the future and would be happy to be able to continue the cooperation with you in the future."